First Blog Post

I am here because Facebook has ceased to please, as it has become a garden of sand where factual information can be moved around with a rake.

Posts with absolutely ridiculous allegations, bent truths, and fact are posted, believed and passed on to the minions who are like empty vessels: there is no brain capacity, and rife with retardation. It is sad to see what parents, universities, and our educational system have produced.

There is very little  grace or class, on Facebook, these days and it seems not to get any better, only worse.

However, besides my old friends, I have made some great new friends, some of whom I have come to know and meet face to face, so all is for naught.

I have great respect and love for all my  friends on Facebook – old and new.

I hope I will see them here.

God help us all and may peace and love be with you.



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