Retroactive Prosecution

Allow me to explain. The retroactive prosecution is an actual fear that seems to be permeating my dreams of late. In my dreams, I am under the threat of being jailed for actions deemed inappropriate and against the law today, that I may have done 20, 30 years ago, if not more.

For example, being a member of a nudist colony and attended with my four children, youngest of which who was five years of age and the others not older than 14-years of age. In my dream, I am charged with sexual abuse/sexual impropriety and put on a list of people who are thought to be perverts and child molesters. I was in a panic, in my dream as nothing could be further from the truth. The fact that my actions were in part to teach my children that there is nothing wrong with the human body, no matter what you look like and that one should be free, confident and out in the open: all about what it means to be human. Not everywhere, but where deemed acceptable. But today, it is frowned upon and could potentially be thought of as child abuse, after all reprimanding your child for misbehavior, seems to be going in that direction.


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